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Garden Center

Growing Operation

a beautiful red poinsettia popular around christmas

We grow our plants in house from garden annuals and perennials to poinsettias for the winter and easter lilys for early spring. We have extended hours that we post in the spring for the garden center to ensure our customers are able to get the plants when they want early in the season. We offer a few varieties of bagged mulch, potting mixes, straw bales, among many more hard goods for your planting needs. We have a dedicated staff that will help with any plant questions you might have. 

Spring Interest


We offer a few options for that early spring color but nothing beats some gorgeous pansy's in those early months!

Hanging Baskets


We offer over 75 different exquisite options in hanging baskets every spring!

garden center

Soon we will have lists of different varieties of annuals, perennials, vegetables,  herbs, trees, and shrubs that we will carry for the spring. However it is not an availability as some things could be sold out please call for current availability thank you!   

Files coming soon.