All Perennials, and Shrubs 50% off!


Ground Beds


We offer some ground bed plantings all of our planting services are a job by job basis we will take on what we can and are happy to assist in what types of plants or if you know what you like that works too! Give us a call for setting up a bid, ask for Jake

Bring your planters in


We will pot up your planter for you if you don't want to do it yourself. Our prices are dictated on the size of the planter and then if there's a specific type of fill. Bring it in and we would be happy to help you!

On Site Planting


Similar to the ground beds we will go onsite to plant up containers as well it all depends on timing location and work load. We offer 4 different seasons for plantings Fall, Winter, Spring, And Summer.

Trees and Shrubs

At this point we do not do any planting of trees and shrubs we would be happy to help assist you in picking things out that would fit your situation thank you.