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Choose from a wide variety of beautiful, healthy plants at our in-house

garden center at Pletschers'

Greenhouses, Inc.

We grow annuals and

  more in-house.

Greenhouses, Inc



Spruce up your home with spruce tops and Wreaths and Homegrown Poinsettias!

Spruce up your backyard, or front yard, with the magic of trees and shrubs. Have them full of greens or full of beautiful blooms that give color to your garden and your property's exterior. The right trees can grow full into shade trees when planted and cared for properly. Shrubs beautify any area when they stay pruned and bloom as they should each spring. Plant them early each spring and watch them grow into something so much more. They are sure to catch first and second looks.

Give your home or business some added curb appeal today

• Add shade to your lawn

• Beautifies your outdoor spaces

• Wows your neighbors

• Beautiful blooms

• Lush greens

Choose from a variety of plant life

When you visit Pletschers' Greenhouses, Inc, you'll find a wide range of tree and shrub choices to plant outside your home. And, since we can handle wholesale quantity orders, you can outfit your large residential or commercial properties with the best in healthy, vivacious trees and shrubs.  Choose from maple trees, birch trees, and crab trees to add shade to your property and turn your neighbors' heads.

Benefits of trees and shrubs


Add curb appeal to your property today with gorgeous growing trees and shrubs!


Beautiful bloom