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Choose from a wide variety of beautiful, healthy plants at our in-house

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Greenhouses, Inc



Spruce up your home with spruce tops and Wreaths and Homegrown Poinsettias!

Take the guesswork out of gift giving by giving a gift certificate. People love getting gift cards for any occasion, including birthdays, holidays, and yes, even Valentine's Day. The recipient can choose what he or she wants by ordering through our FTD service or by visiting our garden center and choosing something perfect for a growing garden, or backyard and front yard care.

Let your loved one choose what they want

• Gives the recipient choice

• Spend what you want

• Avoids disappointment

• Can be ordered with a simple form


How our gift certificate service works

Request a gift certificate online and the recipient can use it however they choose. Pay for your gift certificate by credit card for your convenience and put the amount on it of your choice. Your loved one will thank you for letting them make their gift decision.

The wonderful benefits of gift certificates

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Request a gift certificate for fabulous flowers today by filling out this simple form!