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Choose from a wide variety of beautiful, healthy plants at our in-house

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Greenhouses, Inc.

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Spruce up your home with spruce tops and Wreaths and Homegrown Poinsettias!

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Keeping it in the family for nearly a century!


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Pletschers’ Greenhouses Inc was established in 1920 by John E. Pletscher. He sold garden and vegetable plants and vegetables grown on his farm. His sons, John, Robert, and Glenn, joined him in the business in 1946 when they returned home from World War II. They expanded the greenhouses and added the retail florist shop.

It all began nearly 100 years ago . . .

• Blooming flowers

• Seasonal plants

• Garden plants

• Annuals

• Perennials

• Exceptional service

• Floral shop

• Wholesale quantities available

Keeping it in the family

Today Pletschers’ Greenhouses Inc is owned and operated by three of John’s grandchildren, and one great-grandchild, Brian, Laurie, Robin, and Jake. There are 15 greenhouses with an approximate total of 45,000 square feet. We grow a variety of seasonal blooming plants, flowers, and garden plants for the retail and wholesale industries.

What you'll get when you visit Pletschers' Greenhouses, Inc

When I was young

While carrying pots

I watched your strong well-tanned hands

Tenderly plant a seedling in rich soil

To me, it grew because you watered it.

It was not until I grew older

That I realized it was your wisdom, knowledge and daily

Nurturing that gave the plant its beauty.

Today, as I look into your eyes and watch

You stroll through the greenhouse

I understand the love you have for that tiny

Seedling and the hope it will become a

Lovely creation.


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